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Vol 1 (2009) On perturbations of Hilbert spaces and probability algebras with a generic automorphism Details   7. [PDF]
Itaï Ben Yaacov, Alexander Berenstein
Vol 15 (2023) On preparation theorems for Ran, exp-definable functions Abstract   1. [PDF]
Andre Opris
Vol 13 (2021) On the Borel-Cantelli Lemmas, the Erdős-Rényi Theorem, and the Kochen-Stone Theorem Abstract   6. [PDF]
Rob Arthan, Paulo Oliva
Logic and Analysis Vol 1 (2007-8) On the constructive Dedekind reals Details   131-152
Robert S. Lubarsky, Michael Rathjen
Vol 9 (2017) On the relation of three theorems of analysis to the axiom of choice Abstract   1. [PDF]
Adrian Felix Dominik Fellhauer
Vol 4 (2012) On uniform canonical bases in Lp lattices and other metric structures Details   12. [PDF]
Itaï Ben Yaacov
Vol 6 (2014) On uniform spaces with invariant nonstandard hulls Abstract   1. [PDF]
Nader Vakil
Vol 6 (2014) On zeros of Martin-Löf random Brownian motion Abstract   9. [PDF]
Kelty Allen, Laurent Bienvenu, Theodore Slaman
Vol 2 (2010) Open sublocales of localic completions Details   1. [PDF]
Erik Palmgren
Vol 15 (2023) Peano and Osgood theorems via effective infinitesimals Abstract   6. [PDF]
Karel Hrbacek, Mikhail Katz
Vol 8 (2016) PFA and complemented subspaces of ℓ/c0 Abstract   2. [PDF]
Alan Dow
Vol 9 (2017) Point-free characterisation of Bishop compact metric spaces Abstract   5. [PDF]
Tatsuji Kawai
Vol 14 (2022) Polish topologies on groups of non-singular transformations Abstract   4. [PDF]
François Le Maître
Vol 11 (2019) Preface to the special issue for The Fifth Workshop on Formal Topology Details   FT0. [PDF]
Thierry Coquand, Maria Emilia Maietti, Erik Palmgren
Vol 11 (2019) Principles of bar induction and continuity on Baire space Abstract   FT3. [PDF]
Tatsuji Kawai
Vol 4 (2012) Projective maximal families of orthogonal measures with large continuum Details   9. [PDF]
Vera Fischer, Sy David Friedman, Asger Törnquist
Vol 14 (2022) Projective sets, intuitionistically Abstract   5. [PDF]
Wim Veldman
Vol 3 (2011) Quantifier elimination in the theory of Lp(Lq) Banach lattices Details   11. [PDF]
C Ward Henson, Yves Raynaud
Vol 3 (2011) Radically elementary analysis of an interacting particle system at an unstable equilibrium Details   10. [PDF]
Heinz Weisshaupt
Vol 10 (2018) Randomness and Solovay degrees Abstract   3. [PDF]
Kenshi Miyabe, Andre Nies, Frank Stephan
Vol 11 (2019) Reducibility, a constructive dual of spatiality Abstract   FT1. [PDF]
Francesco Ciraulo, Giovanni Sambin
Vol 4 (2012) Regions in the nonstandard plane that contain no standard points Details   16. [PDF]
Steven C. Leth
Vol 5 (2013) Relative computability and uniform continuity of relations Abstract   7. [PDF]
Arno M Pauly, Martin A. Ziegler
Vol 1 (2009) Relative set theory: Internal view Details   8. [PDF]
Karel Hrbacek
Vol 2 (2010) Relative set theory: Some external issues Details   8. [PDF]
Karel Hrbacek
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