Journal of Logic and Analysis

This journal examines the interaction between ideas or techniques from mathematical logic and other areas of mathematics, especially, but not limited to, pure and applied analysis. The Journal of Logic and Analysis publishes papers in nonstandard analysis and related areas of applied model theory; papers involving interplay between mathematics and logic (including foundational aspects of such interplay); and mathematical papers using or developing analytical methods having connections to any area of mathematical logic.

The Journal of Logic and Analysis is an officially sponsored journal of the Association for Symbolic Logic. It is hosted and maintained by the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University, and receives support from the Roger Sorrells Engineering and Science library at Carnegie Mellon University. It is an open access journal and it is not necessary for readers to register or log in. See INFORMATION For Readers for further details.

The journal is a natural successor to Logic and Analysis, published by SpringerWienNewYork and now discontinued. With Springer's permission, we have made the papers published in Logic and Analysis available here. The introduction to the first issue is still applicable.

Previous volumes: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Vol 5 (2013)

Table of Contents

1. [PDF] A topological set theory implied by ZF and GPK+
Andreas Fackler
2. [PDF] Convergence in formal topology: a unifying notion
Francesco Ciraulo, Maria Emilia Maietti, Giovanni Sambin
3. [PDF] Solving the Dirichlet problem constructively
Douglas Bridges, Maarten McKubre-Jordens
4. [PDF] Embedding an analytic equivalence relation in the transitive closure of a Borel relation
Edward J Green
5. [PDF] Dynamic Newton-Puiseux theorem
Bassel Mannaa, Thierry Coquand
6. [PDF] Discretisations of higher order and the theorems of Faà di Bruno and DeMoivre-Laplace
Imme van den Berg
7. [PDF] Relative computability and uniform continuity of relations
Arno M Pauly, Martin A. Ziegler
8. [PDF] Lipschitz functions on topometric spaces
Itaï Ben Yaacov

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