Model theory of R-trees

Sylvia Carlisle, C Ward Henson


We show the theory of pointed $\R$-trees with radius at most $r$ is axiomatizable in a suitable continuous signature. We identify the model companion $\rbRT_r$ of this theory and study its properties. In particular, the model companion is complete and has quantifier elimination; it is stable but not superstable. We identify its independence relation and find built-in canonical bases for non-algebraic types. Among the models of $\rbRT_r$ are $\R$-trees that arise naturally in geometric group theory. In every infinite cardinal, we construct the maximum possible number of pairwise non-isomorphic models of $\rbRT_r$; indeed, the models we construct are pairwise non-homeomorphic. We give detailed information about the type spaces of $\rbRT_r$. Among other things, we show that the space of $2$-types over the empty set is nonseparable. Also, we characterize the principal types of finite tuples (over the empty set) and use this information to conclude that $\rbRT_r$ has no atomic model.


R-trees, model theory, metric structures, continuous logic, real-valued structures, model completion, categoricity, stability

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