Sheaf representations and locality of Riesz spaces with order unit

Antonio Di Nola, Giacomo Lenzi, Luca Spada


We present an algebraic study of Riesz spaces (=real vector lattices) with a (strong) order unit.  We exploit a categorical equivalence between those structures and a variety of algebras called RMV-algebras.  We prove two different sheaf representations for Riesz spaces with order unit: the first represents them as sheaves of linearly ordered Riesz spaces over a spectral space, the second represent them as sheaves of "local" Riesz spaces over a compact Hausdorff space.  Motivated by the latter representation we study the class of local RMV-algebras.  We study the algebraic properties of local RMV-algebra and provide a characterisation of them as special retracts of the real interval [0,1]. Finally, we prove that the category of local RMV-algebras is equivalent to the category of all Riesz spaces. 


Riesz spaces, sheaf representation; MV-algebras; local algebras

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